The Meeting Saver

Meetings are often derailed before they start by malfunctioning technology. You’ve spent hours perfecting your presentation and now you can’t get it to show on the display. Sometimes it’s at a client site and other times it’s the same old conference room where you’re always having to fiddle with the cables.

In fact, I plan to send this article to my former boss. He probably lost an hour a week while people tried to get their laptops connected to the conference room display. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. The only constant was that it was unpredictable.

Everyone loves to be efficient, but even more important is protecting your zone. No one likes to be flustered before a big pitch and thrown off their game. Keeping your presentation game at the top of the ladder can be achieved by acquiring a BenQ InstaShow™ for your office or university.

The BenQ InstaShow is a wireless presentation system that enables flawless communication. It has three key components: the receiver, which plugs into an HDMI port, the USB/HDMI transmitter, and software. With a glance at the included QuickStart Guide, I was up and running in under 10 minutes. (After the initial installation you can be up and running in a few seconds.)

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The key components of the BenQ InstaShow, including a holder for the transmitters.

After spending years in high tech, I’m always skeptical about technology working as it says it will, but the InstaShow worked as promised. Switching between laptops was effortless, and the transition between speakers/collaborators was much more graceful than trading around a display cord and hoping it works. At home, we have a complex entertainment system, and I quickly had my presentation showing on the large projection screen.

Another big benefit of the InstaShow is the wireless security it offers. As I’m more of a marketing expert, I’ll leave you to read this review by Caffeine Security, who details out the wireless security advantages. When you present with InstaShow, it uses encryption to protect your data. Think about all those hotel conference rooms where corporate off sites are held. Taking InstaShow with you would protect your company-confidential information.

In more casual collaborative environments, InstaShow’s flexibility really shines. As an entrepreneur working with a development team, I love being able to keep everyone comfortable while looking at our progress and brainstorming our next moves on a big screen.


Large, global organizations which depend on services like WebEx may not benefit as much in the office with the InstaShow, but in the field, the InstaShow can help their sales teams shine.  Small to mid-size organizations can also spend less money equipping their conference rooms with conference equipment. 

I’m very appreciative of the opportunity from BenQ to try this product out for free. If you would like to purchase your own, you can find it at Amazon.

You’ve spent hours on your presentation–ensure its flawless delivery with an InstaShow.

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She Lives Aloha

Having spent more decades than I care to count in high tech here in Silicon Valley, I have become concerned with the fast-paced and over-scheduled lifestyles that prevent us from focusing on what’s important–community and connection. Soul-filling activities that help us renew and be our best selves.

When we go on vacation to the Hawaiian Islands, and in particular, Kauai, something magical happens. We breathe deeper, we smile more, and we rest more. When all those things happen, we enjoy life more and we engage deeper with our loved ones. We create memories that we cherish forever. Then, we come home. The blue skies turn gray and it doesn’t take long for the vacation glow to be gone.

At She Lives Aloha, we don’t believe that vacation has to end. We want you to bring that aloha spirit into your home every once in awhile to remind yourself to rest, connect, and enjoy.


If you love Hawaii as much as I do, come join our ohana on Facebook. Together we can bring the aloha spirit to the mainland and foster a greater community.