Lean In to Running

Almost four months post-babies, I ran a 5k for the first time in five years. I find that running is something you need to either do and commit to, or do something else instead. Like with most sports, consistency and practice make you stronger and better, but the hard part for most women is: where do I schedule it in?

Even though someone gave me a rugged jogging stroller after my first child was born, I never used it. By the time his neck was strong enough to sit in it, I was back at work and barely finding enough energy to find my bed at night.

Now I have a bigger problem. Even though I take my four-legged kid out for a run with me, whenever I walk out the door my husband is left behind with a three year old and five month old twins. Seriously outnumbered.

Plus, I’m not inherently someone who loves running. My best runs happen when I’m happily chatting along with someone else. I’m what one would call a social exerciser. In fact, I ran my 5k with a friend I’ve known since kindergarten. We hadn’t seen each other in almost two years, but we had a very pleasant and motivating run. It was a perfect way to catch up with each other.

Sharks Fitness Faceoff 2014 Vanessa Fiske

Karen and I, friends for more years than I care to admit at the Sharks Fitness Faceoff

This got me thinking: how do I gather all the women who want to run the Rock n Roll Half Marathon with me in October and coordinate a running schedule where we can leave the babies behind and escape for an hour or two? It all boils down to one sentence: “Ask more of your partner and less of yourself.”

It doesn’t matter who is working or is staying at home. Both endeavors are equally taxing and everyone deserves time to keep themselves healthy. Motherhood often leaves women drained, but we have to remember that the dishes will get washed, the laundry will get done—our health and sanity should come first. Running is an empowering exercise that builds character—reminds you that you are strong. And, it doesn’t matter if you run one mile or ten.

I’m fortunate that I have a husband who is extremely supportive of my exercise efforts. In fact, I think I am getting more exercise than him lately. I look forward to the day when the kids are older and we are out running, biking and skating with them. Until then, it is simply a tag team effort.

For those ready to run, here’s the training schedule I’ll be following. I actually do a run/walk program that is easier on the knees.

For my friends attending BlogHer ’14, my work running buddy and dietitian friend Nancy put together this blog post with some suggested running routes in San Jose, along with tips on how to stay in shape while you’re traveling. For any early arrivals, I’m happy to meet up in the mornings for a quick run.

BlogHer ’14: What Lens are You Looking Through?

I’m so excited that I don’t have to travel this year for BlogHer.  As a native San Jose gal, I’m proud that our city is hosting the 10th anniversary of BlogHer.  It’s been fun to answer people’s questions about where to eat [San Pedro Square Market] or what to go see  [The Tech Museum of Innovation].  I’m also happy to take any fellow ice hockey players to Sharks Ice, which hosts the largest adult league west of the Mississippi, for a quick skate.

I have mixed emotions about BlogHer this year.  I had been hoping that the startup that I work for would be having a space and providing some really cool activities for fellow attendees.  As anybody in the Valley knows, product development doesn’t always go as planned and, alas, a month ago I found myself with some extra time on my hands.  So, instead, I am going as myself and with a blog that isn’t as evolved as I’d like it to be.

I’ll be looking and experiencing BlogHer ’14 through a marketer’s lens.  What brands created the most buzz through their sponsorships, activities or swag.   I attended BlogHer ’10 as a vendor.  It was an invaluable investment of time that prompted the creation of a new line of headphones for women.  It wasn’t about just changing the color.   Everyone kept coming up to us and asking if we had smaller sized headphones.  Women’s ears are smaller and the standard size just doesn’t stay in.  And, when you hear it over and over for a couple of days, you listen.

Angel and I sharing a delicious moment with the Pillsbury doughboy at BlogHer '10.

Angel and I sharing a delicious moment with the Pillsbury doughboy at BlogHer ’10.

I’m excited to be on the attendee side this year and be contributing thoughts.  I’m one of the lucky that have received an invitation for the Merck for Mothers event.  I bet they don’t even know how near and dear the subject is to me.  As someone who has experienced preeclampsia in two pregnancies and had several friends with postpartum bleeding episodes [it’s more common than you think], I’m all for trying to educate as well as find answers.

During the show I’d love to hear about your experiences with the brands.  Feel free to comment here, come find me [I’m in the BlogHer app] or tweet me @mktgmixologist.