Hockey All the Time

Back before kids, it was hockey all the time.  I met my husband while learning to play.  The only way to get better was to go skating, play pickup and be on as many teams as possible to get maximum ice time.  Our weekends were crazy, driving from one rink to another and hoping that the gear would dry on the way.

Now, if we are lucky,  we play together once or twice a month.  It’s definitely what we prefer.  We’ve been on the same line for thirteen years now.  He at center and me on right wing.  When one of us is not there, it just isn’t the same.   Our left wing has been with us just along.  When all three of us are actually on the ice at the same time, it is a thing of beauty.

Sometimes I question my sanity for still playing hockey.  Last night was one of those nights.  Thankfully it was an early game [715], though I often prefer games after the kids’ bedtimes to ease the guilt of taking time for myself.   It was a close game when one of my teammates [another gal] took an intentional hit and went down.  Mind you, this is beer league, aka non-checking league.  She came off the ice a bit shaken. She had hit her head and her tailbone.  The game continued much in the same vein.

I play co-ed hockey for a reason [a lot less drama and cliques], and the game is just more intense.  However, I am not playing to get hurt.   Most of the folks on the ice have jobs and families.    I was a bit more cautious for the rest of the game, still trying to make plays but trying to avoid unnecessary contact.  To me the only bad night of hockey is the one that ends up in the emergency room.

Driving home, after a quick beer, it was clear to me why I still play, even at the risk of injury. Hockey makes me feel alive.  The hour on the ice is a chance to be me.  It represents who I have become–someone willing to learn to play at the age of thirty-three and start writing a new chapter in her life.   I was newly divorced, looking to meet someone who liked hockey.     If it wasn’t for hockey and the San Jose Sharks, I wouldn’t have three kids and a dog named Zamboni.

With that, I’ll leave you with my hockey and relationship wisdom for the day.

Late night hockey is like sex. You may think you are tired, but the end game is always worth it.

P.S.  I may just skip the 11:30pm game on Friday–my husband can play that one.

Coming Back: What I Love about BlogHer

BlogHer ’16 is eighteen days away.  It would probably be too ambitious to try and write a post every day between now and then, but I am not one to back down from a challenge.  I’ve written many posts in my head, but with roughly two spare hours a day, it is hard to prioritize blog posts over laundry, thank you notes and general relaxation.  Writing, however, is still where my passion is and I want to get back to it.  BlogHer usually forces me to start putting my thoughts down.

I could just blame it on the movies.   I started at right after I wrote my last post.  It’s been about five years since I made any effort to watch good movies.  Having children eliminated most trips to the movie theater and usually dictates getting to bed before 11, but now I am addicted.


My husband and I have embraced the movie night at home.  We’ve stopped aimlessly surfing and have much better viewing habits.  We are still three seasons behind on Game of Thrones, but I at least feel like I am part of the cultural norm now.  And, VEEP, fills those short snacking half hours, though mirroring the current election a little too closely.  I’ve caught up on the Hunger Games series, seen award winning movies like Brooklyn and The Martian, or simply laughed my butt off watching Deadpool.  All without commercial breaks and in high quality Blu-ray.

Rather than blame the movies, I could blame the work blog we started from scratch.  However, I have a rock star writer who has my back on that one [and she’ll be attending BlogHer ’16 for the first time].  I try from time to time to write, but I’m not a movie critic.  It is, however, a place to see my favorite movies on one of our Red Hot lists.

No, I think what’s really going on is that it is more complicated at this point in life to be transparent.   Whatever I write here reflects upon me and my personal brand.  I am conscious about what legacy I am leaving for my kids.  Despite all the challenges of being a full-time working mom in Silicon Valley, it still is very clear to me that I  have to take a moment to pause that these words will follow me around.  Yet, I also want to be a champion for women who want to be glass breakers.

This is a start.  Let’s see what the next seventeen days bring.

P.S.  This didn’t get published last night due to one little girl who refused to go to sleep.  Guess I am doing two today.