High School Movies Most Likely to Watch Again


I’m so looking forward to our DVD Netflix Twitterchat today. Amy Chesler, This House of Love, did a great job with her High School Superlative movies, but I’d say there’s a generation gap between her and I.  Here are my top nine favorite movies about high school.

Most Likely to Succeed:  Risky Business

After 1983, my friends quoted the infamous line for the rest of our high school years and beyond. It was a breakout role for Tom Cruise.  Watch the whole scene here.


Most Likely to Join a Rock Band:  Valley Girl

Another breakout role for the young rising starts of Hollywood, Nicholas Cage, played the boy on the wrong side of the bathtub.


Most Likely to Stay Home on Saturday Night:  Grease

The movie that made everyone want to go back to being in high school in a much simpler time.giphy.gif

Most Likely to Serve Time:  The Breakfast Club

No one has been able to forget this crew who had one of the most honest dialogues about high school ever.


Most Likely to be a Camp Counselor:  American Pie

Even though my high school films have tended to be 1980s hits, this one from 1999 had so many cringe worthy moments on those final high school days.


Most Likely to Know Everyone:  Footloose

Kevin Bacon, before he was connected to everyone, starred as the rebel rouser who simply wanted to everyone to have a night to celebrate.


Most Likely to Be an Event Planner: Sixteen Candles

A recurrent heroine in John Hughes’ tales of teen angst, Molly Ringwald is just one of many comedic moments in this epic 1980s tale.

Most Likely to Be a Slacker: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Who didn’t want to be friends with Matthew Broderick? A day out in the Windy City evading a crafty principal makes you want to leave your job right now.


Most Likely to Win Project Runway:  Pretty in Pink

I’ll admit it I liked the music more than the movie. It was my least favorite of the Molly Ringwald movies. But, the Psychedelic Furs nailed it with the theme song.



And, one of the best places to find these movies, is DVD Netflix, where I have the great pleasure of working as the head of marketing. First month is always free for new customers.

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