She Lives Aloha

Having spent more decades than I care to count in high tech here in Silicon Valley, I have become concerned with the fast-paced and over-scheduled lifestyles that prevent us from focusing on what’s important–community and connection. Soul-filling activities that help us renew and be our best selves.

When we go on vacation to the Hawaiian Islands, and in particular, Kauai, something magical happens. We breathe deeper, we smile more, and we rest more. When all those things happen, we enjoy life more and we engage deeper with our loved ones. We create memories that we cherish forever. Then, we come home. The blue skies turn gray and it doesn’t take long for the vacation glow to be gone.

At She Lives Aloha, we don’t believe that vacation has to end. We want you to bring that aloha spirit into your home every once in awhile to remind yourself to rest, connect, and enjoy.


If you love Hawaii as much as I do, come join our ohana on Facebook. Together we can bring the aloha spirit to the mainland and foster a greater community.






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