What I’ve Been Doing

How can a marketing person not be updating their blog?   You know the importance of it, though what usually happens is the brand you are working on becomes more important than your personal brand.

I’ve been working on launching a new adventure, Calio.  I find it fascinating that technology has not transformed the weight loss industry yet.  It is an industry worth over $60B, yet many of the methods are the same.  Expedia changed the way we book travel.  iTunes changed the way we listen to music.   Where’s the innovation in weight loss?  Wearables have been a step forward, but they are data collectors–meaningful analysis and insight are not readily given.   I am so excited to be developing and nurturing a brand promise.

If launching a new brand isn’t enough, my blogs at Calio will make it really clear what reasons #2 & #3 are for not blogging.  Here’s a hint [Before Blog; After Blog].

If you are interested in losing a few pounds this summer in a totally different way, post a comment and I’ll send you a beta invitation.  Meanwhile, enjoy this quick and easy salmon recipe to get you started on good eating this summer.


Super simple salmon